Open Up A Can of Beer — Literally

Four Corners Brewing has their beer game on point with a fully-removable lid that turns its unassuming beer cans into aluminum cups for optimal sipping satisfaction. Local Buzz (5.4% ABV golden ale), El Chingón (7.6% ABV IPA) and Block Party (5.7% ABV porter) are the first three beers in Four Corners' arsenal to use the "360 End" removable lids. 

Brewery sales ambassador Lauren Embree says, “the whole point of craft is to see it, smell it, taste it — get all your senses involved.” It's a pretty ingenius way to get the full tasting experience without using one those unbearably pretentious beer glasses that your cultured friend brought back from Europe. What a d*ck. 

Jeremy Glass' favorite beer is PBR, because it makes him look like a big-shot in front of his dad.