17 Things You Can Do With Vodka Besides Drink It

You already know vodka from the hangovers and regret, but what else can Russia’s favorite clear spirit do? Turns out, there's a ton of other ways you can put that gallon of Crystal Palace to good use.

Here are 17 of the best.

1. Preserve the life of plants

Just a few drops of vodka in a vase of cut plants or flowers will extend their lifespan. Get even better results when you change the mixture daily. 

2. Heal a cold sore

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but vodka will dry out a cold sore and help it heal faster. But maybe go see a doctor, too.

3. Treat a jelly fish sting

Turns out, you could have avoid an R. Kelly situation with bro last summer. Soaking a jellyfish sting in vodka for 15-30 minutes stops the toxins that cause pain, without the citation for public urination. 

4. Maintain your razor’s longevity

Vodka is a natural disinfectant and is tough on rough, so soak your razors in a cup of the good stuff after shaving to help them last longer.

5. Eliminate sticker residue

Use it to scrape off that residual sticker goo off surfaces.

6. Heal poison ivy

Washing a poison ivy irritation off with vodka removes the itch-inducing urushiol oil from the plant, putting you out of your misery faster.

7. Remove a bandaid

Instead of inadvertently giving yourself a body wax every time you remove a bandaid, soak it in vodka first to dissolve the adhesive and make a clean break.

8. Treat an ear ache

Just a few drops in the ear canal will dry out water and kill bacteria that leads to painful infections.

9. Replace your windex

From eye glasses to windows, vodka can shine them up right quick.

10. Get rid of vomit stains

Vodka giveth, and vodka taketh away.

11. Repel bugs

Vodka is powerful enough to keep the bugs at bay without the harsh chemicals of commercial bug spray.

12. Fix a toothache

If you can’t get to the dentist but have an achey tooth, swishing with vodka will kill some of the bacteria and numb pain until you can get it treated for real. 

13. Make DIY Febreeze

Who needs the dry cleaner? Since vodka is virtually odorless compared to most alcohol, if you put some in a spray bottle and spritz your clothes, it’ll squash odor-causing germs for a fraction of the cost.

14. Put a stop to foot odor

Ditto for your funky feet. Soak ‘em in mommy’s grown up water and watch the stink melt away.

15. Clean your watchband

Vodka makes an excellent jewelry and metal cleaner.

16. Get rid of grime and mold around the house

You don’t have to break the bank on house cleaners; leaving vodka to sit on tough stains or shower mold, then scrubbing, can save you a trip to the grocery store.

17. Make a reusable ice pack

A cup of vodka and half a cup of water will make a reusable ice pack that’ll have a comfortable, malleable shape, since the vodka won’t freeze.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. The first drink she ever had was vodka stolen from her parents liquor cabinet. Sorry mom, sorry dad. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.