Our Vodka Firmly Believes In Global Domination

There's a definite air of mystery with every bottle of Our/Vodka. Packaged within a glass that resembles an old time Coke bottle and capped as if it were a tall bottle of beer, each batch of this vodka is made in urban micro distilleries by local partners from 11 cities around the world. Berlin, Detroit, New York, and Melbourne are just a few of the satellite micro-distilleries under the Our/Vodka family, making it a 37.5% ABV colorless, odorless conquistador. 

The global domination began in Germany. After more than a year of searching, the company chose Berlin for their very first distillery. Since then, the spirit of expedition has been the focal point of this company. Every bottle is made from the same recipe, but each distillery uses their own locally-sourced ingredients.

Our/Vodka depends on their local cities to — literally — provide local flavor. With eleven cities down, and eleven different variations on the recipe, no place is safe... from having a good time. 

Jeremy Glass went through a brief phase where he would drink vodka with chocolate milk. He called it the Cow Tipper. Boom.