Pantone Beer Cans Show You The Exact Color Of What You're Drinking

You never really think about the color of the beverage you're about to drink until a urine-shaded discount soda is staring you right in the face. By way of a Spanish artist we discovered through the tubes of the Internet, we've become hyper-aware of the hue of every brew we shove down our throats.

Txaber, an artist from Spain, has created Pantone Beer Cans, concept packaging that showcases the exact color of the beer inside the can. 

With everything from Pale Ale to Imperial Stout covered, you really can't help but think about all of the ingredients that give each beer their distinct shade and tone. 

Spoiler alert: Pale Ale is surprisingly pale. 

H/T: Adweek 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompresor and likes his beer like he likes his women: pale and carbonated.