"Pints In The Sun" is The Only Outdoor Drinking App You Need

Vitamin D hungry this summer? Well, good. Developers at Pints In The Sun have unleashed a new 3-D site that recommends nearby bars whose outdoor areas are currently flush with sunlight. It works two-fold; first by factoring in time of day (you slide a tab to pinpoint your locale) and second, by showing the shadows cast off adjacent buildings based on the readings. 

To get your shady intel, simply enable geolocation (or plug in the name of your bar of choice), use the slider beneath the map, and watch as it renders shadows based on 3D building data, thus saving you from wasting any of that precious lunch break hour schlepping to a sunless spot.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, whose offices are regrettably lacking in any sunsoaked spaces.