Ponysaurus Is The Beer Dreams Are Made Of

There's more to the Ponysaurus Brewing Company than superior packaging and a mascot made of magic. The freshly-founded Durham brewery really, truly cares about beer and firmly believes that their product is "the beer beer would drink if beer could drink beer." It's a bold claim, but when you look through their diverse catalogue and admire the blend of ingredients used in each bottle, you'll start to think: "yeah, I can see a bottle of beer drinking this bottle of beer."

With flavors ranging from a Videri Chocolate Stout — which tastes more like artisanal chocolate than chocolate cake — to the fruity and floral Fig Saison Ale, Ponysaurs' eight beer line-up is a mouth-watering ode to the palate, perfect for the beer drinker who wants more than the vague citrus zing of Bud Light Lime. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Does the taste on the inside match the awesomeness of the design on the outside? Until we clean up our acts and get our asses down to North Carolina, we can only imagine.

If you would like to personally send Jeremy Glass a bottle (or 8) of Ponysaurus, please contact him via Twitter or send a well-trained carrier pigeon.