PornHub Knows What Women Want

Go home, Mel Gibson—you're the least lethal weapon in the business. On the other hand, our good friends at PornHub have seemed to finally nail down exactly what women are interested in when it comes to the subject of porn. After a recent dive into the most searched terms and genres, PornHub Insights reports that women really love lesbian sex.  

The statisticians at this beloved pornography site have discovered that terms like "lesbian" and "gay" rank at the top of the list for women, while lesser terms like "hentai" and "big d*ck" found themselves on the bottom. Bummer.

On the other side of the spectrum, the top male search terms were "teen" and "MILF," showing the world that men can't decide if their fantasies involve their next door neighbor or her mom. Classic.

As for porn stars, women are 528 percent more likely to search for James Deen than men are. Understandable, as men are more inclined to look for female porn stars, but it's pretty clear that PornHub hasn't yet rifled through my computer yet. James Deen is a triumph to mankind. Just saying. 

Now, when it comes to porn that women are more likely to search for, it seems they prefer porn specifically made for women by a margin of 193 percent—i.e., nothing too gooey or slappy. The "for women" stuff we see is actually pretty awesome: high-production value, excellent camera angles, good music. It's like Paul Thomas Anderson directs that stuff.  

So there we have it: when picking out a porno to watch with your girlfriend, steer away from huge d*cks and hentai and go for the good stuff. And always include James Deen; he's handsome and we're best friends now. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and usually just goes for the weird '80s stuff.