Portable Bacon For The Hungry Commuter

The time it takes to fry up a couple slices of bacon will always be an agonizing wait for your average bacon-starved carnivore. That's why the makers of Go Bacon have launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to supply every man, woman, and child on earth with a package of portable bacon.

By throwing down 1.5 ounces of premium bacon jerky into a 4" x 6" resealable bag, you can proudly carry around America's favorite side-meat wherever you go, while keeping your clothes free from grease. It's pretty awesome living in a world where cured, salted pork is as portable as a notebook or an iPad. 

Go Bacon is made with premium, all-natural bacon strips and — unlike beef jerky — has that trademark crisp that separates bacon from all the inferior cured meats of the world. Everybody drop what you're doing and fund this Kickstarter now. NOW. DO IT.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice writer for Supercompressor and spends his weekend looting and picking fights with weaker men.