The Birchbox Of Marijuana Is Here, You’re Never Leaving Home Again

We've seen coffee subscription services. We've seen beer subscription services. We've even seen vape fluid subscription services. Obviously, the next intoxicant to get its own specialized mail subscription club would be marijuana. Potbox will send you all the dank nugs you need to get through the month—without having to break the law or even leave your La-Z-Boy. 

Every month, Potbox sends subscribers two quarter-ounces of all-natural cannabis in strains according to their preferences, along with two wax-sealed pre-rolled joints. All the weed is "ethically grown" using sustainable practices and all-natural farming methods. There are plenty of strains to choose from, with new ones regularly coming from their farms. 

What do you have to do to get yourself some high-quality bud delivered to your door? First, you'll have to be a resident of the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas, because that's as far as they can send their stuff. Then register for the site here, provide a valid physician's referral (since weed still isn't legal for recreational use in California), and provide your credit card info. For $150 a month, that's all you have to do to get hassle-free weed delivered to your door. 

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