Add Some Bite To Your Cocktails, With The Shark Shaker

Published On 04/08/2015 Published On 04/08/2015
Shark Shaker
Pottery Barn

Every self-respecting, 21st century gentleman has a cocktail shaker in their house or apartment. Like a quality umbrella or spare prophylactic, you'll be happy you bought it, eventually. 

And since you definitely need a shaker in your life, you might as well pick one up that's shaped like the world's most dangerous predator, and the subject of the Discovery Channel's most celebrated week. Your best option is The Shark Shaker, if only for the delicious puns it would facilitate (Fin and Tonic, Shark-tini, Great White Russian, etc.)

Pottery Barn

This piece of alcoholic, oceanic magic is brought to you by Pottery Barn, and will run you exactly 79 clams—or, $79 for you landlubbers out there.

Pun responsibly, people. 



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