We Ranked Four Vaporizers... For Science

Vaporizers offer the ultimate in THC-imbibing technology, eliminating the potent smells of analog smoking and making it virtually anonymous. Aside from the futuristic vibes, health factors make vaporizing tech all the more appealing. But do vaporizers provide the same effects as pipes and bongs to typical smokers? We graded four vaporizers based on their design, portability, and strength, then ranked them accordingly. 

WISPR 2  - $169
Design: Like a walkie-talkie box with a rubber straw antennae to vape through, WISPR feels like a cross between a juice box and a rubber nipple. 4
Portability: Not for public use unless you want to fake being on a stakeout. 5
Strength: Using butane to heat the whole chamber at once, WISPR provides strong, clean vapes and certainly packs a punch. No complaints in regards to functionality once it’s set up... but the design leaves something to be desired. 6
Conclusion: The WISPR 2 doesn’t live up to its name as the constant butane flow creates a sound disturbingly akin to a gas leak. This device needs butane, creating an added step and requirement. Because the whole point is to get rid of the flammables... right?

Overall Score:5

FIREFLY - $269
Design: With a decent sized chamber, Firefly is easy to load and the lid clicks back into place magnetically. At optimum temperatures the unit does get hot to the touch and the overly large lid leads to a messy cleanup with an unnecessarily large surface area. 7
Portability: The unit is too large to use discreetly in public. So, one could easily be convinced to stay in, order Chinese, and pack a chamber. 7
Strength:  Firefly produced a clean, strong vape experience, and there was no question as to its effectiveness and potency to even serious smokers. 8
Conclusion: Firefly is a vintage oven. Heavy, solid, and packs a wallop, Firefly feels sturdy and heats up considerably to deliver full power vapes. One can imagine this being used by classic car collectors and those who drink their milk shakes with malt.

Overall Score: 7.3

CLOUD EVO - $449
Design: A glass tube sitting in a plastic heating device, the Cloud EVO delivers a smooth, strong vape that packs a punch. Clearing the tube by removing the glass from the base, the Cloud EVO acts most like a bong than any other device on the market. One can fill the glass with vapor to their liking and the unit can deliver as large a vape hit as, well, any bong. 9
Portability: Far from portable, it stands as the best home unit of the batch. Pack it up. 5
Strength: For those still on the fence on the potency of vapor, the Cloud EVO quells any doubt. 10 
Conclusion: For those who prefer the glass delivered thrill of a bong but without the smoke or the lighters, the Cloud Evo is a perfect translation. Cue Cypress Hill.

Overall Score: 8

PLOOM PAX - $249
Design: First off, the battery life is fantastic and automatically goes into sleep mode if not in use for more than a minute or so. Even at high settings the device never gets too hot to pass. If inconspicuous is your name, Pax is your game. 9 
Portability: For portability, Pax works in almost any setting. Sleek and easy to use, Pax could fit easily into pockets of jeans or a blazer without any notice.
Strength: The Pax packed the least amount of punch even when the heating unit was set to high. Using dense, medical grade samples, it required full strength to provide a decent vape. The chamber fits a solid amount of herbs and is perfect for taking out on the town. 8
 It’s understandable that Pax has been referred to as the iPod of vaporizers as the packaging and ease of use lend itself to such comparisons. Don’t be surprised if your hipster friends already own this.

Overall Score: 8.6

Pete Lowe is a Southern Californian native who spent his formative years sampling the goods from dispensaries near and far. His writings have been featured in various trade publications pertaining to the growing techniques of marijuana cultivation.