Thirsty Thursday: Maple, Bacon, Doughnut...Vodka!

Happy Thursday, everybody.

And you know what? Why shouldn't it be happy? It's almost 2015—a whole new year for failed resolutions, ill-placed celebratory kisses, and cups of hard eggnog. Keeping with our tradition, we've rounded up the best bottles we were sent this week and splayed them out in a literary spread-eagle for you to observe and consume. Enjoy, dear friends, and make the best of 2014—it's been a pretty okay year. 

Reyka Vodka—$29.95
Does anyone else have a morbid fascination with Iceland? Their alphabet is impossibly complicated, every single resident looks like Björk, and they're shrouded in complete darkness 20 hours of the day in December. Regardless of the weather, they make some killer vodka. Reyka is Iceland's first distillery and they pride themselves on the cleanliness of their ingredients: arctic spring water, lava rock filtration, and completely additive-free. You can really taste the lava in this 40% ABV vodka—oh wait, you can't. 

Rogue Bacon Maple Vodka—$Varied
From the guys—nay, geniuses—who brought us Sriracha Stout, comes Voodoo Doughnuts' Bacon Maple Vodka. It's a 40% ABV vodka that, by the grace of God, tastes exactly like all the things it promises. How does Rogue keep hitting these home runs? What's next? Pulled pork whiskey? Wait...patent pending. 

Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet Whiskey—$120.00
The fourth release from Orphan Barrel, the Lost Prophet is a 22-year-old blend of delicious bourbon whiskey. Originally distilled in 1991, this liquid gold has been waiting a long time to be throughly enjoyed. The taste begins with hints of apricot, dried fruit, honey and clove, before releasing a spicy vanilla and sweet smokey finish. At a healthy 90.1 proof, there's no denying that drinking Orphan Barrel will make you grow a beard overnight. 

Silo Elderberry Vodka—$36.99
A spirits company coming from the small town of Windsor, VT, Silo Distillery is pumping out a whole array of premium liquors. The 40% ABV Elderberry Vodka is an excellent blend of entirely natural flavors. Taste is deep and earthy, but balanced—think of it as drinking an herbal tea...with an enjoyable kick. It's great in mixed drinks and definitely one you need to have on your shelf.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes to shoot pheasants with Gavin Woolard on the weekends.