Sam Adams Rebel Rouser Fits 5 Pounds of Hops In One Bottle

Say hi to Rebel Rouser, the newest addition to the Sam Adams family. This double IPA lives, both, on the edge and on a prayer by fitting five pounds of hops in one barrel. It's a bold-as-hell brew that smacks your taste buds right in the balls, leaving a lingering hint of fruit, tangerine, and spices after the party ends. With an ABV of nearly nine percent, you can really feel each bottle as the beer goes down and the hops set up camp in your stomach.

Rebel Rouser IPA uses seven different varieties of hops to get that balance of flavor just right and perfect that piney taste hoppy beers are best known for. It's a welcome addition to the Sam Adams crew—not to be confused with the Sam Adams crew who stole my iPhone and cut up my pants on the subway. 

Jeremy Glass is a small, roughly cube-shaped piece of ice, conventionally used to cool beverages.