Indian Cream Liqueur Is A Nectar of The Gods

When I was first told about SomruS (capital "S" intentional), I had my reservations and was committed to feeling weird about the Indian cream liqueur. And, as I studied the elaborate bottle and poured the white mystery liquid into my glass, my reservations increased. My only experience with white booze has been those shoddily-made White Russians during screenings of The Big Lebowski.

However, when my lips were graced with the heavenly goo that is SomruS, I knew my life had totally and utterly changed—on a very small scale.

Made from an exotic blend of cardamom, rose, almonds, pistachios, saffron, Wisconsin dairy cream, and premium Caribbean rum-based liqueur, SomruS is kind of like a liquid melting pot of every great flavor from all over the world in one ornate bottle.

It's also gluten-free, Kosher, and all-natural—so even total wimps can enjoy the delicate flavor!

At 13.5% ABV, I found this stuff to be extremely easy to drink—and drink I did. What can I say? It was delicious. Kind of like a buttery, melty chai yogurt mixed with rum. Is it wrong of me to say that I think college kids would love this stuff? Prove me wrong, college kids! 

Sure, it's a bit jarring knowing this foreign, off-white liquid can get you drunk, but if you think about it, isn't all booze weird? Vodka is literally made from potatoes—POTATOES!

It's a mysterious drink that's absolutely worth investigating—unlike the mystery of why I felt the need to include three pictures of my face within an article about alcohol. There's no mystery here. I just like attention. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and was born with two nipples and a heart full of love.