Sriracha. Bacon. Jerky.

Published On 06/12/2015 Published On 06/12/2015

On this the most glorious of holidays, National Jerky Day, we're blessed with the combination of two of the tastiest substances known to mankind: sriracha and bacon. It's Savage Jerky's Sriracha Bacon Jerky and I want all of it. Now.  

Savage Jerky

And this isn't just some half-hearted sriracha powder added to bacon jerky. The bacon itself is marinated in sriracha glaze before being cooked in Savage Jerky's specialized ovens, so the flavor hits you full on with every bite. 

Savage Jerky

If you can't find any in stores, head here ASAP so you can get this goodness into your life. And guys: you can set up recurring orders so you never run out. I'm not sure I'll ever eat anything else again.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He legitimately has some form of sriracha in every meal.

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