The Mobile Cocktail Kit To Numb Your Travel Pain

For the mobile adventurers who always go for the the well-crafted Manhattan over a mini-bar vodka, the Travel Cocktail Kit was essentially built for your suitcase. This handsome leather kit comes from a collaborative effort between LA-based designer Stephen Kenn and lovers of cocktail culture Gin & Luck. It's perhaps the finest way to bring your knowledge of booze on the open road.

What's inside? Within the seven inch confines of the kit, there are nine empty glass bottles, a mixing spoon, and a detailed booklet with 15 different cocktail recipes. Made from leather, canvas, and an elastic webbing on the inside, the Travel Cocktail Kit is as durable and it is sexy.

Toss it in your bag, allow manhandling by interested parties, throw it on your hotel bed, do whatever you want—just make sure the contents hit your stomach. 

Obviously, the only question you should be asking yourself is: "What in the righteous hell do I fill these little bottles up with?!" If you're down with good-old fashioned simplicity, Bitter Frost Basement Bitters are a must. Of course, you could go all out and actually make your own bitters, too—you'll find they go perfect with homemade Fireball or D.I.Y. Riot Punch

Yeah, $275 is a pretty fair price to pay for a solid guarantee that the booze you consume on-the-go will have your signature touch—provided you have said touch. If not, please consult the mini-bar.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite cocktail involves anything with whiskey.