Have a Box Of Beef Jerky Delivered Every Month

For those plagued with insatiable jerky cravings and a willingness to settle for non-artisanal varieties, drop whatever you're doing and sign up for the Stick In A Box subscription club this second.

You have your pick of three tiered options:

1) a single box for $45 (Blue Balls) 

2) a six-month commitment at $40 per month (The Bastard Son)

3) the long-haul year's worth (Kings Ransom)

The last is the best deal, as each shipment will set you back $35. But actually, it'll cost you a lot less since you're reading this, and they're knocking off 30% every order that uses the code "Supercompressor" at checkout.

Curious what exactly you'll find inside? Well, they guarantee at least three bags of the good stuff (brands will vary, but expect a variety of flavored packs from the likes of Jack Links, Oberto, Old Wisconsin, Krave, and more), plus as many sticks and slabs as they can fit in there. In their own eloquent words, they're "going to Brazilian buffet your a**."

And in case you weren't sure, yeah, the name is most definitely a nod to this Timberlake/SNL song above. In fact, there's a perforated "meat hole" on each box in its honor. Bravo, Stick In A Box.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's a teriyaki guy.