Tequila Had Hot Sex With Beer And Gave Birth To Oculto

Despite the freaky Eyes Wide Shut vibes the website for Oculto gives off, Tom Cruise is nowhere in sight to ruin this drinking experience. With a base of 6.00% ABV lager, Oculto is blended with blue agave and aged on old tequila barrel staves. Ladies and gentlemen: beerquila. 

The tequila flavor is subtle at first, but it quickly sets up camp in your nose while your tongue grabs the bright citrus flavor by the balls (gently) and takes it on a one-way trip to poundtown.

If you let go of your inhibitions long enough and forget that whole "don't mix beer with liquor" thing, you're going to enjoy an ice cold glass of Oculto.

Oculto means “hidden” or “waiting to be found” in Spanish, which helps gives context to their whole #MakeSecrets campaign in which—we assume—attractive people don Oculto-branded face masks, take an Uber to the club, and get down.

Hey, well done, Oculto—you're going to make a lot of pregnancies happen.