The Alchemist Brewery's Dangerously Delicious Focal Banger IPA

We love cold beer. Especially when that beer has the same black market status as a bucket full of human eyeballs. From The Alchemist—the brewery responsible for Vermont's much-sought-after Heady Topper—comes the release of its sequel, Focal Banger IPA. BeerAdvocate has given it a nearly perfect rating of 99, as compared to Heady Topper's score of 100. Clearly these guys are doing something right. One BeerAdvocate describes the 7% ABV brew as "Incredibly drinkable [and] dangerous, actually." It's got a malty flavor consisting of hints of citrus, mango, and pine.

If you open it up in a full room and close your eyes, you can actually hear the sound of everyone's collective drool splashing the ground. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and is not sure about his personal rating on BeerAdvocate, though most people describe him as hoppy.