Play This App. Win Free Beer. Feel Great About Yourself.

Published On 03/20/2015 Published On 03/20/2015
Free Beer App Game
Push For Beer

The only drawback to heavily indulging in that sweet, sweet, amber-hued elixir of the man-gods (, is that your hard-earned dough goes down the tubes faster than John Goodman at a water park.

"If only there was a way to get beer for free," you might be saying. "Play Push For Beer!" is my perfectly timed responseā€”the new app that lets you earn free beer whenever you play. Yes, seriously.

Push For Beer

All you have to do is play a small mini-game based around tossing empties into a garbage bin (or what I like to call my Sunday morning workout regime), and earn at least 30 points for one beer. Then, at a participating brew-pub, flex your Tinder muscles and swipe right to deliver that free booze onto your tab and then into your gullet.

Swipe responsibly, people! Oh, and drink responsibly, too.



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