Play This App. Win Free Beer. Feel Great About Yourself.

The only drawback to heavily indulging in that sweet, sweet, amber-hued elixir of the man-gods (, is that your hard-earned dough goes down the tubes faster than John Goodman at a water park.

"If only there was a way to get beer for free," you might be saying. "Play Push For Beer!" is my perfectly timed response—the new app that lets you earn free beer whenever you play. Yes, seriously.

All you have to do is play a small mini-game based around tossing empties into a garbage bin (or what I like to call my Sunday morning workout regime), and earn at least 30 points for one beer. Then, at a participating brew-pub, flex your Tinder muscles and swipe right to deliver that free booze onto your tab and then into your gullet.

Swipe responsibly, people! Oh, and drink responsibly, too.