The Automatic Home Coffee Roaster You Control With Your Phone

Published On 05/05/2015 Published On 05/05/2015
IKAWA home coffee roaster

Whether you’re a coffee pro or an average maker of joe, the first essential ingredient for brewing a cup of coffee is the same: roasted coffee beans. Using your own roasted beans to get your fix ready in the morning, not a shortcut like a K-cup or instant grounds, makes the end result much more likely to actually taste good while you get the caffeine needed to function.

Enter IKAWA, the world’s first digital micro-roaster that'll let you enjoy coffee at home that's as fresh as scientifically possible. 

The IKAWA Home Roaster model is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign, so an exact retail price hasn't been set. Expect to see it hit for around £750 ($1135), but if you're jonesing like we are, a £450 ($680) contribution to the campaign gets you an Early Bird edition of the roaster with an estimated ship date of February 2016.



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