7 Flasks Perfectly Optimized For Winter

As temperatures plummet, so can your will to live. Then you remember that sweet, alcoholic salvation is just a sip away, and suddenly the winter doesn't suck quite as much. But boozing in sub-freezing temperatures takes commitment, creativity, and a specialized set of tools to get the job done.

Here to help are these seven flasks with features uniquely suited to stave off winter's icy grip. 

Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Flask - $65.00
Arguably the worst part of holding a flask in the winter is the risk of hypothermia from clutching a freezing metal container. Keep all your digits in tact this year and opt for a flask wearing its very own needlepoint sweater. These alcoholic accessories have a vintage vibe with cheeky sayings and patterns. [More...]

Stone Cask Shot Flask - $25
Sometimes, when waiting in line in frigid temperatures, a swig is not enough, and only an entire shot of liquid jacket will do. This beauty comes complete with a collapsible shot glass that nests easily in the body of the flask, putting an end to your shot-taking and cocktail-mixing guesswork once and for all.

Flask Scarf - $21.98
Store eight ounces of your favorite spirit in a plastic container that's secretly stowed inside a classic red circle scarf. The discreet valve can be tucked away when not in use, but why on earth would you ever not be using this ingenious contraption?

Moisturizing Lotion Flask - $10.10
Everyone gets dry skin in the winter, which is why no one will suspect you're packing booze in this cleverly concealed moisturizer flask. Combats dry skin and sobriety. [More...]

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug - $35
Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask - $20  
Since flasks to transport warm cocktails like a hot toddy or spiked cider can be hard to come by, get the best of both worlds with a thermos-flask combo from Stanley. Bring enough for the gang in a 20-ounce insulated thermos, and serve from their durable four-ounce flask for the perfect solution to keep your drinks as hot as the campfire.

Kikkerland Hidden Book Flask - $17.50
Colder temperatures inspire cozy nights by the fire with a good book. And this is the best read of all, because tucked inside its pages is a four-ounce, stainless steel flask with a chemistry motif, because obviously you are a very serious mixologist.

Mitten Flask - $19.95
Behold the mitten flask, the holy grail of winter boozing. The pouch of booze fits into a compartment near the palm, while a non-drip valve in the thumb lets you sneakily sip your hooch without anyone being the wiser. Bonus: these will match perfectly with your new Flask Scarf. [More...]

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. None of her winter accessories dispense alcohol. Yet. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.