9 Ways To Store Your Booze In Style

Published On 10/20/2014 Published On 10/20/2014
How to store your booze with style

There comes a point at which keeping bottles of wine and half-full handles of whiskey under your bed or on a mantle is no longer an acceptable option. That point was probably about two years ago. But don't sweat, because below you'll find nine of the best bars, mounts, and racks to keep your liquor collection under control and your digs stylish. Drink 'em in.

Nadia Anochie

1. Falling Chips By Nadia Anochie - Price available upon request

Inspired by the look of peeling paint chips, this sculptural wooden mount livens up your walls with its 3D texture...and multiple bottles of vino at the ready. 

Harbor Metal Company

2. Harbor Metal Custom Booze Locker - $900-$1,200

The guys at Harbor Metal are turning out sleek, aviation-grade bar carts and lockers made from high-quality materials like leather and stainless steel. They're highly customizable and come in a slew of aesthetics spanning from classic vintage wood to industrial-aluminum chic.

Wine Enthusiast

3. Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table - $799

Stow your bottles in a barrel. This reclaimed wine barrel has been transformed into a rustic home bar, doubling as extra counter space with its pine-covered, cafe-height table top. 


4. bottleLoft - $39

Picking up steam on Kickstarter, bottleLoft uses magnets to cleverly suspend your brews from the top of your refrigerator, keeping them from rolling around and freeing up space. But really, what could you possibly keep in there that's more important than beer? Priorities, people.

Royal VKB

5. Bottle Island - $36

Traditional wine racks can take huge amounts of kitchen real estate, but this placemat-style number presents a creative solution, combining grooved indents with the magical science of gravity to store up to six bottles that won't budge.


6. Quirky Vine Stop - $7.99

A re-imagining of an earlier model from Quirky, this combo-wine stopper and stabilizing bracket is a favorite for fridge organization, even if it does condone leaving a bottle unfinished.


7. Nek-Rite Wine Bottle Rods - $180

Part medieval torture chamber, part modern art display, how can you resist stashing your booze in a spikey wall-mounted system that's as good-looking as it is dangerous?

Iron Design Company

8. Iron Design Company Wine Rack - $250

Dress up any room with this imaginative ironwork shelving. Its hand-formed design and fluid look is more than enough to cover up the "Trader Joe's" label.

Wine Enthusiast

9. Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder - $19.99

This thing is witchcraft, pure and simple. How it manages to counterbalance that bottle of wine, the world may never know, but it will, at least, make you feared and respected by all your guests.

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Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She stores her booze exclusively in her stomach. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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