The Weed Humidor, Man

Whether you're into edibles, dabs, weed-infused lube, or good ol' fashioned sticky-icky buds, it's paramount that you keep your pot safe in a world full of wandering hands, hungry house cats, and wildcard weather patterns. The Cannador solves this security problem by providing an unobtrusive storage unit that regulates temperature and, most importantly, is dashing enough to deserve a spot on your bedside table.

Light and excess humidity are weed's natural enemy—alongside hip single dads and the entire graduating class of University of Colorado Boulder. Clear jars and plastic containers can let in UV rays, which damage your bud and lead to harmful mold. Also Boulder grads can see through them.

The airtight, odorless, rich mahogany interior of the Cannador keeps out light and is completely resistant to the shrinking and swelling effects of humidity. 

Like any other traditional cigar humidor, the Cannador keeps a constant level of safe humidity within the interior of the box, leading to a moist and fresh-tasting product that's safe from mold.

The largest box in their collection fits up to six cans (holding 21 grams each) of wiggity-wack-sour-diesel-mushy-smushy-kush and is perforated, allowing moisture to pass through and keep the contents humidified. 

A special humidity bead system built in the top of the box ensures the moisture within the Cannador stays at a comfortable 65% and only has to be rehydrated once a month. That's a low-key way to ensure you won't be smoking a moldy jay full of nightmares.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes to keep his weed in a Snapple glass full of Snapple.