The Gentleman's (Condom) Club

Unlike all the other "box of the month clubs" that are making the rounds right now, The Cocksman Club delivers a necessity that keeps the world safe and aptly-populated. For those of us who've found ourselves in dire straights after the rushed search for condoms leaves us empty-handed, The Cocksman Club has your back — and front. Zing.

Packaged within a little black box that can easily double as a storage unit, a variety of condoms are delivered to your mailbox every month with discretion and, most importantly, punctuality. Depending on the plan, you can get anywhere from three to 24 condoms a month at prices that totally beat the ever-rising (!) rates of convenience stores. 

Aside from a name that sounds like a club Hunter S. Thompson would've started during a particularly productive ether-binge, The Cocksman Club gives you an easy answer to a simple need. You can keep your sexcapades private and save yourself from unwanted parenthood all at once. Everybody wins!

When Jeremy Glass was 15, his older brother paid him $20 to buy condoms for him. The guy at the counter laughed as he rang up the rubbers and everyone was embarrassed. Anyway, big shoutout to Jeremy's beautiful 9-year-old niece, Zoe.