This Brotastic Cooler Is A Blender, Speaker, and Phone Charger In One

When it comes to the act of literally chilling, The Coolest is the dude-bro's wet dream. Boasting the ability to play music, charge phones, blend drinks, and cool them down, The Coolest is the holy grail that all 21st century tailgating-prone bros have been searching for. 

Made by a self-proclaimed "part visionary, part mad scientist," this futuristic Frankenstein of a cooler was devised as a DIY answer to the age-old question: what else can my cooler do?

Is this the future of cooler technology? Let's hope so, because The Coolest makes everything in comparison really seem like a piece of sh*t. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and could go for a nice blended virgin Margarita with a side of ether.