The Cure For The Common Hangover

Okay, so there's nothing in these pills that'll put an end to a drawn-out movie franchise, but Toniiqwill make you feel great after a night of getting turnt. Unlike most hangover remedies, which only treat the symptoms, Toniiq targets the underlying metabolic process from which the symptoms arise. Because why buy a kangaroo net when you could just sink Australia? #BadMetaphors. 


Most over-the-counter cures contain caffeine and aspirin, which only treat the symptoms of a hangover; they're annoyingly temporary and you can get the same effect from a couple of Advil and a hot cup of coffee. Toniiq contains Lingzhi, which is a blend of antioxidants, triterpenes, and polysaccharides that does way more than soothe your headache — it straight-up cradles your liver in its loving arms and gives it the good stuff. 

Antioxidants restore the body by increasing the flow of oxygen to the cells, triterpenes enhance liver detoxification, and polysaccharides enhance immune function. It's like a little army of hangover-murdering pills.

Don't fall victim to the pummeling forces of over-boozing. Take two black capsules after a night of drinking, and one white pill in the morning. Even a drunk baby could follow those directions.

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