The $1.5 Million Whisky Collection

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but a big pile of it can buy you 12 bottles of the world's finest whisky—and that's enough to make just about anybody happy. For only $1,544,682, you can be the proud owner of the Dalmore Paterson Collection, the pinnacle of luxury spirits.

Come check out what exactly that entails...

The bottles, hailing from the Scottish Highlands, are almost all older than you, ranging in age from 1926-1990. All of which are hand-selected by a Master Distiller for the Dalmore. 

The exclusive collection with Harrods also comes in a bespoke wooden cabinet, with 12 handmade crystal decanters in which to serve your pricy libations.

In case you weren't sold that all your cash is going to good use, every bottle comes engraved with the company's deer emblem in sterling silver. Naturally.

They're selling this boozy masterpiece by appointment only at the Harrods Wine Shop in London. So if airfare to the UK seems steep, you may want to stick to well drinks for a while.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. There's simply no room in her apartment for yet another bespoke cabinet. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.