Decapitate Your Beers With This Bottle Opener

There are many ways to open a beer, yes, but the simple truth is that some are just far cooler than others. Enter the Decapitator, a bottle opener that will literally rip the heads off your beer in one swift motion. No beverage is safe from your hand-held vengeance. 

From Corkcicle (the same people who can chill your beer and wine in minutes), this little guy fits over the top of any standard capped bottle.

Then simply push down, and watch the tops go flying. A system of internal springs and levers are activated by the pressure, and when you lift it off, the lever goes back into place and removes the cap.

You're literally popping caps, without any legal ramifications.

Bonus: there's a magnetic device inside to keep the caps firmly in place and provide extra force for maximum beer carnage.

The very best part? You can score one from us for just $20

Ali Drucker is a cap-popping staff writer for Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.