Brewing Coffee On The Go While Going Green

When one drinks coffee in the wild, he usually must surrender the quality of his drinking experience. Whether it's the taste, brewing method, or temperature, on-the-go coffee tends to not match up with the stuff you'd get at a hipster cafe. The Hey Joe Coffee Mug aims to put an end to this sacrifice with the production of their fully autonomous, automatic brewing coffee mug. 

Two reservoirs inside the mug are separated by a tray in the middle. The top part holds water while the bottom carries the coffee. The center's for the pod—very crucial. 

To start: pour water, insert the coffe pod, and push the button. Once for 140 degrees fahrenheit, twice for 155 degrees fahrenheit, and three times for cold drip.

You get speed and control without any lack of quality. Each pod is made up of high-quality grounds that are packaged inside of a filter. You can pack the tray with your own coffee, and there are plans to introduce a line of tea soon. Each pod, unlike a K-cup, is environmentally friendly. You can—quite literally—throw your coffee pod in a pot, mix in your coffee grounds and grow flowers. That's some next level brewing. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor by day, and a coffee snob by the afternoon.