The Itty-Bitty T*tty Terrarium

Name a website better than Trick question: NO SUCH WEBSITE EXISTS. You can find whatever you want on this treasure trove of Internet gems: Nicolas Cage pillowcases, sexy inflatable sheep, Cinnabon air fresheners, coyote piss...whatever. So, when we came upon this Boobies! terrarium, we were pleasantly surprised and sorta turned on all at once. 

Hand-crafted by Brooklyn's Twig Terrariums, this miniature masterpiece of biology combines rocks, moss, grass, and dirt, with a tiny woman flashing her goods for every microscopic organism to gawk at. Put it wherever you want, because it can go anywhere: the dining room, laundry room, hey, even the foyer to greet guests.  

Is there any better way to showcase your combined love of science and nipples? Spoiler alert: no. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his nipples would be considered "superb" if he was the opposite gender. Oh well.