There's a LEGO Dab Jar

No matter the type of immoral or illegal substance you choose to smoke, you're going to need an unobtrusive place to store it in case your Dad's part-time job happens to be head of the DEA . Whether your poison is a Polynesian sedative or just good ol' fashioned Mary Jane, a solid and discreet jar is paramount in keeping your precious dabs out of harm's way.

This Silicone Dab Jar Stackable Cube Container takes after the archaeologically-sound LEGO shape and is small enough to place wherever you want without raising suspicion.

Best part, aside from the contents inside? They can be stacked! This is easily the best part of smoking high-quality oils second to the kind of high where everything tastes like sugar and your feet look like puppies.

With three color combos to choose from and a bonus shovel tool, you should consider upping your dab game.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and had to do a lot of Googling re: this post.