The LEGO Strip Club Is Here To Ruin Your Childhood

Your childhood LEGO memories are in danger. Those classic, wholesome bricks are about to go where no LEGO has ever gone before: to the strip club. Officially titled the Citizen Brick Center For The Performing Arts, this custom set is ready to bring life to your weirdest fantasies. 

Get your singles ready.

Though not actually affiliated with LEGO, the attention to detail is remarkable; everything down to the pole-gripping action and lucite heels of the strippers embodies the real deal. Cheetah-print carpet and zebra-upholstered bricks included.

Is that you, Ron Burgundy?

The kit comes with LED lights to set the stage, two strippers, a DJ, and a shirtless patron to help make it rain.

Finally, a strip club where touching's encouraged. Score one for $275, and don't forget to tip.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor, but just to pay her way through school. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.