The Manliest Bottle Opener You'll Ever Use

Born in the town of Lancaster — where the nails are as tough as the guys who hammer them — these Hand Forged Bottle Openers are built by the rough and grizzled hands of genuine blacksmiths from Pennsylvania's Leaning Barn Iron Works. 

The 4-ounce bottle openers are made from raw American Steel, tempered in a coal forge, and only take about twenty minutes to manufacture from start to finish before they're cooled off and handed to a thirsty bro. 

The expert blacksmiths behind the bottle openers have decades of experience under their belts and will smash the crap out of each one until they're absolutely perfect.

You can almost hear Wilford Brimley's husky Utah drawl in your head as you're popping off caps at the speed of light. All you've got to do is find a beer that's worthy enough to open — sorry, b'lime...

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