The Mt. Fuji Beer Glass

With nearly perfect symmetry and a perpetually snow-capped peak, Mt. Fuji has become synonymous with the peace, wealth, and solitude of Japanese culture. So it seems a no-brainer to use one of nature's marvels as a vessel for drinking one of nature's other marvels. Created by award-winning designer Keita Suzuki, The Mount Fuji Beer Glass pays tribute to perhaps the most iconic piece of Japan's heritage. The exquisitely thin glass is shaped in the likeness of Mt. Fuji, holds 280 milliliters of the finest Japanese ale, and even includes a private paulownia box for safekeeping. Typically, Japan has been known to roll out some pretty weird stuff, but this is something we'd love to get our hands on. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and went to Japan when he was sixteen. His favorite meal, by far, was a chicken sandwich from a McDonald's in the middle of Tokyo.