Finally, Un-Spillable Wine Glasses

Fact: everyone has, at one point, raised a glass of wine a little too enthusiastically and spilled it all over themselves/the carpet/the dog/the mother-in-law. And it's most always red wine, because life is cruel and unfair.

No, there's no immediate fix for your incurable clumsiness, but the folks at Super Duper Studio are aiming to lower your dry cleaning bill with their spill-proof Saturn wine glass. 

The concept for this ingenious piece of barware has been in development for the past four years, and the team behind the project has extensive glass-blowing experience. The result is a wine glass that's lightweight, beautifully crafted, and blissfully unable to be knocked over.

The tapered, flat bottom of the tumbler allows it to stand on any surface, while the angle of the glass' wide chamber means it'll balance perfectly if someone's had one too many and starts jostling the table.

So, as long as you don't fill it too high, you're safe from splashes and stains. And at $52, they're a bargain, considering all the cash you'll save on cleaning services.

Hear that? That's the collective gasp of joy from moms everywhere when they get a set of these for Christmas. No longer will somebody have to get a sponge.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer at Supercompressor. She's not a mom, but she'd still like you to buy her these. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.