The Swiss Army Cocktail Knives Your Bar Needs

It's enough of an ordeal to scour the darkest recesses of your fridge for all the ingredients you need to make a custom cocktail—you don't need the added stress of ever having to utter, "GODDAMNIT, WHERE DID I PUT MY ZESTER, MUDDLER, STRAINER, AND JIGGER?!?!?"

Here to the rescue are these ingenious pocket knife-style bar tools, combining everything you need to craft the perfect 'tail, available in three different models with the specific instruments necessary for Margaritas, Mojitos, and Martinis. Mmmmm.

Margarita Bar Tool - $14.99
Keep those lime remnants out of your marg with this five-in-one tool that features a knife and strainer, plus a measurer.

Oh HELLO built-in salt-rimmer. You are officially out of excuses for not serving Mexican restaurant-quality margaritas.

Mojito Bar Tool - $14.99
Slice limes like a pro, and even chop mint with the rolling, pizza-cutter style blade at the tip of this crafty knife.

Put the cap back on, and you've got yourself a muddler. Because who are you without a muddler, really?

Martini Bar Tool - $14.99
Welcome, friends, to your six-in-one martini maker. This stainless steel beauty's got a strainer and jigger, plus a reamer for limes. Because apparently some people put limes in martinis. Who knew?

Here's what's up: use the channel knife on the top of this one to make a killer Negroni, complete with orange peel garnish.

Congratulations, you are now master over all cocktails. Drink it in.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. Her relationship with tequila is a troubled and confusing one. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker. Buy her a drink first, though, okay?