The Topless Bottle Opener

Forged with steel and sheathed in a genuine black leather case, the Smith Topless bottle opener might just be the finest looking way to uncap your tall bottle of beer. A notched tooth grips and pops off any cap that's dumb enough to get in its way, while the rectangular body comfortably rests in your hand. The Topless bottle opener is U.S.A.-made, hand-forged in Colorado — the land of legal weed — and comes in a deep obsidian color for an eyesore-free addition to your home. 

The Denver-based clothing company is located at the base of the Rockies and firmly believe in their motto: "If it's worth doing, do it well." The sheer attractive simplicity of this thing exemplifies the company's mission statement. Finally, a reason to stop drinking twist-off beers. 

Jeremy Glass is the Supercompressor Vice editor and will always have a soft spot in his heart for twist-off beer.