The Ultimate App For D*ck Pics

Come on, guys, it's 2014. The age of sharing and information is upon us and, whether you'd like to admit it or not, you have definitely sent out a d*ck pic. While the act seems easy enough, it's just as easy for your penis to get lost in the ocean of sexts that floods a woman's phone at, uh... any given time. Rock That C*ck has emerged as the premiere sexting app that lets dudes dress up their penises in funny hats and drawings. At... last? Yes, at last!

Step Three: Instant sex. Just like that, you get a handsome customized d*ck pic that'll surely win the love and admiration of whoever gets the pleasure of receiving your sext. The possibilities are limitless when you have this app on your side. You hear that, guys? No more boring d*ck pics — the game has been changed. 

Jeremy Glass would use this app, but he usually sends out personalized charcoal drawings of his d*ck, delivered on the back of a falcon.