The Vladimir Putin Butt Plug

Well, you can finally gently ease some excitement into your life with the Vladimir Putin Butt Plug. That's right, Russia's stone-cold, ex-KGB, famously homophobic, totally "fearless" leader has made his way into our hearts with this expertly designed 3D-printed sex toy. Biting political commentary or ironic civil rights totem? Both.

The butt plug's creator, designer Fernando Sosa, says he created the decorative trophy as a way to attack Putin's "shirtless bear wrestling reputation" and bring attention to the country's fiercely homophobic laws. That's how you to stick it in to the man.

The only downside? Because of the porous sandstone material it's made from, you can't actually use the Vlad butt plug. Probably for the best — this isn't the kind of art you want to keep hidden away. What can we learn from this? If you're going to stick something in your butt, lube it up with politics.

If Jeremy Glass suddenly finds himself forced to work the bear mines in Siberia, will somebody kindly take over his Twitter account? It's @CandyandPizza and two smarmy posts a day will suffice.