These Toothpicks Are Laced With Nicotine

Guys, it's hard to admit defeat, but cigarettes are deader than disco. Even e-smoking has fallen victim to the country's harsh vibe-killing smoking rules and regulations. For companies like Pixotine, this is music to their nicotine-addicted ears. It may sound like a Winston Churchill wartime life-hack, but nicotine-laced toothpicks are a thing and they may be the only way to satisfy your indoor cigarette craving without breaking any laws.

Each birch wood toothpick is infused with a high quality proprietary blend of organic nicotine solution and each one lasts up to one hour. Oh... and they clean your teeth, too. Best part? They won't give you cancer! Just don't swallow one — that sh*t will rip your insides to shreds.

Jeremy Glass doesn't always chew on toothpicks — but when he does, they're soaked in some kind of illicit substance.