Thirsty Thursday: Mid-Hanukkah Miracle Edition

On this exceedingly special third-day-of-Hanukkah edition of Thirsty Thursday, we turn our attention to the most-loved bottles of booze to ease the transition from Thursday to post-Thursday. There are some very special bottles in here that will perform a slew of miracles not unlike those witnessed by the Maccabees so many years ago.

It's the Festival of Lights, ppl—act like it!

Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whisky—$26.99
Damn, Canada! Yes, damn indeed. This stuff tastes like Hanukkah in a bottle, which—for those who don't what Hanukkah tastes like—it's festive and solid. This whisky is aged up to six years in bourbon barrels, which gives it that deep malty flavor, and infused with vanilla for a sweet-but-not-too-sweet finish. This is the kind of stuff you can drink for the first few days of Hanukkah, as well as the middle-to-last days. 

Van Gogh Blue Triple Wheat—$29.99
Awarded Four Stars by the Beverage Experts, this triple wheat blend vodka floods the senses with a deep, flavorful, incomprehensibly-smooth flavor that's absolutely perfect through and through. Speaking as a vodka fan, I can say that Van Gogh is one of the finest spirits I've had the pleasure of guzzling and highly suggest you try this 40% ABV bottle. I know, it's scary—you'll want a mixer—but would Vincent van Gogh have used a mixer? Hell no! Actually, maybe.

Caña Brava Rum—$29.99
Last week, The 86 Co. came by the SC headquarters to show off their arsenal of spirits. Among their Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Fords London Dry Gin, the 43% ABV Panamanian Caña Brava Rum stood out amongst the brood of booze and hot damn we liked it. It's robust and sweet, because the province in Panama where this rum is distilled is known for its sugar cane fields. The sugar cane itself grows in nutrient-rich volcanic soil and lives on in glory with this bottle. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his parents bought him whiskey and a pipe two years ago for Hanukkah.