This Cologne Smells Like Tobacco And Intrigue

Paying tribute to the days when a man's fedora was as black as his soul, Jasmin et Cigarette is a hard-boiled tobacco-laced cologne that puts hair on your chest and bourbon in your flask. Hints of hay, cedar, and musk give this cologne an outdoorsy lumberjack feel and conjures up images of Humphrey Bogart chopping down a meddling tree. 

Free from any of those highschool-era smells that occupied your body throughout your Axe-dousing years, Jasmin et Cigarette is a surefire way to class up your act. Hey, it might even inspire you to give up smoking — because if you're going to inhale tobacco, you should do it in a way that doesn't kill you. Quitter.

Jeremy Glass gave up smoking after a particularly successful day of smoking e-cigarettes. Here's his Twitter: @CandyandPizza. These are his favorite foods: candy and pizza.