This Guy Is Shotgunning A Beer Every Day For A Year

Some people are dreamers—they aspire to climb mountains, fight grizzly bears, and perform depraved acts with cans of booze. One man in particular has taken to Instagram with the intent of shotgunning one beer—every day—for the next 365 days.

ShotGunABeerEveryDay may not be the most creative Instagram handle out there, but damn if it's not the most adventurous...and expository. Below are several of our favorites thus far.

The beer loving legend's name is Aaron Semmel. He's a resident of Los Angeles and, by far, the greatest place he's shotgunned a beer was outside the Batcave from the original 1960s TV series starring Adam West.

Only a couple weeks in, this man is clearly living the dream, as videos of him shotgunning beers all over California are safely documented on Instagram.

Finally, a situation where the size of one man's eyes matches the volume of his stomach. Champ status right there.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and, when he grows up, wants to be this guy.