This Is the Only Beer App That Matters

Beer. Beer? Beer! Beer?! There's a new messaging app making the rounds that has one purpose and one purpose only: asking your friends if they want beer. Everyone pack up your stuff and go home, the mobile drinking world has been officially conquered. 

The aptly-named messenger sends the single message of "Beer?!" to any friends on the app in an attempt to, well...acquire beer, obviously. Of course, this all comes only a few months after the wild success (!?) of the infamous one-word messaging app, Yo.

Unlike the surreptitious language of Yo, this particular service poses a very straightforward answer to the very question you're asking. Because how do you quell the need for beer? You just drink beer, duh. Users can respond to your "Beer?!" with a "Beer?!" of their own, or turn off their phone and fall asleep, depending on how cool they are. 

Is this one-click-no-worries messaging fad going to last? As a warm-blooded American and a cold-blooded businessman, I hope it does. There's nothing more patriotic than instant gratification—it's as American as apple pie, bald eagles, and Chinese food. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his favorite emotion is happy.