This Measuring Jigger Is A Total Fox

It's not too often that the physical embodiment of a hyperbolic expression can be used to craft the perfect cocktail, but this Pewter Foxhead Measuring Jigger has bridged the gap between exclamatory statements and barware. This badass jigger from our buds at Kaufmann Mercantile is a handsome addition to your home bar that finally splices together fashion, function, and foxes. 

Hailing from the English city of Sheffield, this jigger comes from the hands of an acclaimed pewter-smith (and extremely British) Arthur Richard Wentworth, who's been in the pewter game since 1949.

His company's 50-plus years of pewter-making experience makes itself apparent with the extreme craftsmanship of each jigger.

This foxy fox head is cast from pure pewter and comes attached to a polished cup that's fully compliant with any kind of booze or mixer out there. And, trust us, there are plenty of good choices out there (also some you should probably just politely turn down.) 

Each jigger is stamped with the coat of arms of Sheffield as well as the Pewter Craftsmen trade guild stamp. There's nothing sexier than authenticity. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and typically likes to pound shots straight out of a bear head