This Little Blue Disc Will Send Your Beer Into The Ice Age

You don't have to be an IPA-sipping booze aficionado to know the pain of drinking a warm beer. It tastes like pee and turns an afternoon of fun and laughs into a day of dry-heaving and gentle sobs. A cooler works up until you take the drink out of the vessel, and putting ice cubes into your beer is a boozing faux-pas reserved for elderly Floridians in pleated white pants. Enter the Beer Blizzard, the best way to ice your Bud Diesel. 

It's a pretty ingenious idea: the Beer Blizzard is a reusable ice cube that's shaped like the bottom of a beer can. It's made from a strong thermoplastic polyurethane material and filled with a non-toxic fluid that freezes fast and actually makes your beer colder as you drink. You can use it as a coaster, or slip it into the bottom of the Beer Blizzard koozie. Just toss in your beer and enjoy the arctic temperatures. 

Jeremy Glass loves ice cold beer and also regular ice.