This Cocktail Shaker Is A Copper Fox

Inspired by the traditional aesthetic of copper stills, this dangerously sexy Pure Copper & Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker is hundreds of years in the making. Made by a copper manufacturer founded in 1819, this shaker holds 14 fluid ounces of liquid and never rusts. Why copper? Why not. Copper is a remarkable metal that removes the unpleasant sulfur-based compounds from alcohol. Even better, it contains an essential micronutrient that has been proven to stimulate the brain. The inside of each shaker is lined with stainless steel, so cocktails can be mixed without the threat of corrosion or damage. If you're looking for the perfect shaker, stop looking and add this to your bar. Each one is handcrafted, totally unique, and begging to be filled up with something tasty.

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