This Tree Makes Beer

Do you guys remember The Giving Tree—that incredible book about a boy who had a very complicated (and probably very sexual) relationship with a tree? Well, we've found the boozy equivalent. Beer Tree is a home-brewing kit for craft ales that feeds off of the natural forces of gravity to procure some damn tasty beer. 

It actually kind of resembles Charlie Brown's dopey Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas, except—instead of bringing love and joy through religion—it brings love and joy through alcohol.

So how does it work? You start at the Hot Liquor Tank on the top, where you add hot water. As that heats, it flows downward towards a tank full of Mash Tun, then a kettle full of hops.

That tank boils the combination and adds flavor—a very hoppy flavor, in fact—next, a cooling coil and fermenter makes the brew chilly and drinkable. 

You can literally watch as your beer is made in front of you and, after a week, you can drink up your success. Then, you'll always have a weird-looking Christmas tree in your house. Win-win.

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and doesn't know what the spirit of Christmas is.