Halloween Wine > Halloween Candy

Free from overly-religious connotations and devoid of the pressure that surrounds buying gifts for "loved" ones, Halloween is one of if not THE best holiday in existence. You can literally dress up like a mass-murderer and get rewarded with high-fives and Kit Kats. Is there a more American day? No—except maybe like July 4th and Christmas and Thanksgiving and McDonald's. But still. 

Truett Hurst is getting into the Halloween spirit with a line of spooky wine bottles that will scare the pants off you...pending you're easily startled and often wear pants made of incredibly delicate tissue paper. 

Responsible for a host of different wine companies (all of which we've researched and drank thoroughly), each bottle is unique with its take on Halloween. This one here's pretty dope, because it suggests a grizzly murder took place. 

We're way into the Día de Muertos label for their Curious Beasts Chardonnay. Sugar, skulls, and romance? Well, yeah. The released artwork captures the occult vibes that go hand-in-hand with October 31st perfectly, but waters them down just enough to keep those conservative right-wingers at bay. 

This particular bottle is from Dearly Beloved Wines and further proves our point that anything looks badass when a sugar skull is placed on the front. 

What's that phrase all the kids are saying these days? Ah yes: all black everything. This Pinot Noir from Bewitched Wines boasts a label "suitable for a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace." To be fair, though, battery acid would taste good on a bearskin rug. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and likes his wine like he likes his women: um, stomped from grapes?